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LOJEK Survey Company, P.C. specializes in providing land surveying, land planning and design consulting services.  We understand service and timing is paramount.  Late surveys mean late closings, missed deadlines and more importantly, missed opportunities.  If we cannot meet a targeted date, we will not accept the job.  We mean it when we say, "It will be there on time".  It is that simple.  Fair pricing based on competitive hourly rates assure quality instead of cut-corners and potential costly mistakes due to haste.

We pride ourselves as Land Surveyors.  Today the movement in the industry is toward a "one-stop shop" mentality.  This generally means large corporate structures with large overhead and a small amount of time for personal service.  Most of these companies present themselves as having a variety of engineers, architects and land surveyors on staff.  In most cases, land surveying is treated as a service to support the engineers and architects within the company, and that is exactly what they do!  This makes us very different from those guys in the sense that we exist solely to provide service to the customer.  Furthermore we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for our customers and we know that.  This is why you can expect better service and prices from LOJEK Survey Company, P.C.



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In 2003 LOJEK Survey Company, P.C. was founded  in Angola, Indiana. In 2006, LOJEK moved the base of its operations to New Haven, Indiana to better serve our growing customer base. This has served to widen our geographic range and increased our presence through-out the entire state.  

Land Surveying and Land Planning is, and always will be, the core of our business. LOJEK has provided a wide range of surveying and planning services that include services to the private sector, commercial, industrial, federal transportation authorities, the telecommunications industry, educational and governmental clients.

Land surveying operations are headed up by Indiana Registered Land Surveyor, Kirk Casterline, P.S. #20200086. 

Mr. Casterline has been surveying throughout all of Indiana for over 25 years.



LOJEK Survey Company, P.C. has achieved a quality product only when we have exceeded our client's expectations of the final product.